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Gall Bladder (Cholangio) Cancer

Bladder Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Gall bladder cancers arise from the mucosal lining of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small pouch-like organ that sits just under the liver. 

Therefore, it is always advised to see the best oncologist for gallbladder cancer in case you feel anything different or abnormal in your gallbladder. Our team of bladder cancer treatment specialists in Bangalore specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases and disorders related to the gallbladder.


Patients with Gall bladder cancers may present with pain, mass or fluid in the tummy, infection of the gall bladder, weight loss, and jaundice.

If you have any of the above symptoms then this is the correct time to discuss your concerns with the best hospital for gallbladder cancer treatment in India.


The best modality to establish a diagnosis is usually a scan and biopsy. Ultrasound of the tummy, CT Scan, PET CT scan and MRI, including MR cholangio-pancreatography (MRCP) can be used for diagnosis depending upon the situation. A biopsy is generally done using Ultrasound guidance. Those patients with unresectable or metastatic cancers may require additional molecular testing.


• For localised tumors that can be resected, surgery is the treatment of choice followed by adjuvant chemotherapy or chemo-radiation depending upon the results of the scan.

• For unresectable or metastatic cancers, chemotherapy is the preferred option of treatment. In patients with molecular testing showing MSI-H / d-MMR Immunotherapy with Pembrolizumab can be considered.

Cancer Therapy India offers the best gallbladder cancer treatment in India having a team of experts in the same field. We strive our best to help gallbladder cancer patients not only by offering the state of art treatment facilities but also by helping them face the challenges of living with cancer.

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