stomach cancer treatment in bangalore

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

Stomach Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Cancer of the stomach or gastric cancer develops from the lining of the stomach. Approximately 95% of all gastric cancers are adenocarcinomas.

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Weight loss & abdominal pain are the most common presenting symptoms.

Patients may have a combination of signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, tiredness, pain in the tummy area, fullness after eating a small amount of food, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.

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The best modality to establish a diagnosis is an examination using an endoscope and biopsy. This involves the passing of a flexible tube with a light and camera into the stomach, through the mouth. Biopsies of suspicious lesions are taken. Additional testing is needed to assess whether cancer has spread to adjacent tissues or distant organs (like Liver, lungs and lymph nodes). It includes doing computed tomography (CT scan) of the chest, abdomen and pelvis or whole-body PET CT scan for accurate staging. If cancer has spread, then molecular testing such as HER2, PDL1, MSI-H / dMMR are usually done to help decide on treatment.


  • Small, very early-stage tumors can be removed by Endoscopic Surgery, and the patient can be followed up with endoscopic surveillance.
  • In Early-stage gastric cancers, chemotherapy is usually given first followed by surgery and then chemotherapy again. Radiotherapy may also be required depending upon the findings of the surgery.
  • For unresectable or metastatic carcinoma stomach chemotherapy is the preferred option in the first-line setting. Trastuzumab is added for HER2+ adenocarcinomas. Second-line options include Targeted therapy (Ramucirumab) and Immunotherapy (Nivolumab and Pembrolizumab) for MSI-H/ dMMR tumors.

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