Cancer Myths Busted

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Will eating sugar make my cancer worse?

No. There is no evidence till date that eating sugar will make cancer worse or the fact that avoiding sugar will make cancer better or make it go away. All patients should follow a healthy balanced diet to improve their chance of recovery. 

Will my cancer spread to other people who I meet?

No. Cancers are not contagious and do not spread to other people by meeting them. You can interact with your loved ones as usual since there is no person-to-person transfer of cancer. 

Will doing a tumour biopsy cause the cancer to spread?

No. There is no evidence that doing a biopsy of a cancer lump will cause cancer to spread. Biopsy is an important test required in most patients. The biopsy will help the doctors understand whether the lump is cancerous and if yes then what type of cancer and its molecular and genetic characteristics. This will help the doctors treat the patient in a much better way by reducing side effects and improving outcomes.

If I have cancer will my children also get cancer?

Not always. In fact, only about 5 to 10 percent of cancers are inherited and may run in families. The vast majority i.e. 90 to 95% of cancers are not genetically transmitted. If you are concerned about it, please talk to your doctor about doing a gene blood test to identify genes that increase one’s chance of developing cancer and could be transmitted to your children. 

Is Chemotherapy treatment very painful?

No. Though chemotherapy may have certain side effects which vary depending upon the medicines used, the actual process of giving chemotherapy either as an infusion in the vein or in tablet form is not painful. 

Is Radiotherapy treatment very painful?

No. Though radiation may have certain side effects which vary depending upon the area treated, type of radiation used and the dosage, the actual process of giving radiotherapy is not painful. 

Will I lose my hair and it won’t grow back if I take chemotherapy?

No. You may or may not always lose your hair. The hair loss depends upon the chemotherapy medicines used. Some medicines cause hair loss, and some don’t. Please talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your medicines causing hair loss. Usually if one does lose their hair due to the treatment, they generally grow back a few months after the treatment is completed. 

There is no effective treatment for cancer available?

No. Cancer treatment is available for most cancers. In early-stage cancers, the aim of cancer treatment is generally to cure. Certain cancers even in advanced stages can be cured with treatment. If a cancer is in an advanced stage and cannot be cured, then treatment is offered with the intention of improving the quality of life and extending life as much as possible. 

Can Cancer be cured with herbal treatment?

No. Cancer cannot be cured with herbal treatment or alternative medicine. Certain alternative therapies may help with the improvement of cancer symptoms or help reduce some of the treatment side-effects, but there is no evidence that herbal treatment can be used to cure cancer or improve survival. 

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