Dr. Prathyush V

Dr. Prathyush V- Medical Oncologist

Dr. Prathyush V

Consultant Medical and Hemato Oncologist

Dr. Prathyush V, a seasoned oncologist, is not only known for his proficiency in treating blood and solid organ cancers in adults and children but also for his active involvement in the field. Currently serving as a Consultant Medical and Hemato Oncologist at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, Dr. Prathyush brings nearly 8 years of invaluable experience to the forefront of cancer care. His commitment to providing his patients with comprehensive and individualized care goes beyond traditional cancer treatments; he also explores immunotherapy, integrative oncology, precision oncology, and preventive oncology. Dr. Prathyush V has also contributed as both an author and co-author to a multitude of publications, showcasing his active involvement and significant contributions to the field.


  • MBBS - Osmania Medical college, Hyderabad - 2013
  • MD - Ramiah Medical college, Bangalore, Karnataka - 2019
  • Doctor of Medicine, Medical Oncology Residency programme - Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore - 2022


Dr. Prathyush V has contributed as an author and co-author to numerous publications.

Dose Dense Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Triple Negative Non Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Real World Experience - Indian Journal of Cancer 58(Suppl 2):p S1-S16, December 2021.
Immunotherapy in Patients with Lung Cancer with Driver Mutations: A Single-Centre Experience - Journal of Clinical Oncology Volume 39, Number 15_suppl
Lenvatinib + everolimus in mRCC that has progressed on immunotherapy: A real-world single center experience
Immunotherapy with nivolumab after progression on lenvatinib in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A real-world Indian experience -  Journal of Clinical Oncology  Volume 40, Number 16_suppl

Dissertations and Thesis:

  • Solid organ and blood cancers in adults and children
  • Precision oncology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Preventive oncology
  • Integrative targeted therapy with chemotherapy 


Research Interests

  • Hematolymphoid Malignancies
  • Breast malignancies , Ovarian cancers
  • Pain and palliative care in oncology
  • Lung cancer –Targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • NGS and precision oncology