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Cancer care essentially revolves around a multi-speciality approach involving medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation therapy, radiology, and pathology. Various imaging methods such as CT scan, PET CT scan, MRI, and uptake studies are pivotal in evaluating the disease extent in the body. Also, the microscopic examination of blood, bone, or tissue sampled from swellings or ulcerous lesions by various approaches including surgical, minimally invasive imaging guided or endoscopic guided biopsy is essential in identifying the type of cancer and formulating the treatment plan. The testing is individualized with utmost care to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Specific molecular testing may be considered for prognosis and validation of various therapeutic options. These tests need to be carried out in a predetermined manner; hence it may take a few days to weeks before the reports are available. The team will ensure the reports are updated, and any change in the treatment plan is discussed with the patient.

Treatment of cancer includes one or a combination of various therapeutic modalities such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and target therapy. Cancer spans over a period warranting frequent hospital visits, regular assessments, and monitoring of the patient by a team of doctors, nurses, and clinical pharmacists to facilitate patients to lead a near-normal life.

An appointment with the doctor can be confirmed a day prior by contacting the hospital. During the consultation, the doctor will go through the patient’s details, history, and test reports. The doctor may advise specific scans, tissue biopsies, or minor surgical procedures to confirm the diagnosis. The treatment options are discussed after the confirmation of the type and extent of cancer. The approach is to discuss details with the patient and family throughout care continually.

Cancer care continues over several months and often warrants years of follow-up even after completion of therapy. We believe a genuine bond is created between the patient and the treating team, which is beyond medical therapy; with much emphasis on emotional and mental support to ensure the overall well-being of the patient.

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