Chemotherapy daycare visits

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The treatment algorithm is usually framed and discussed with the patient once the diagnosis of cancer is confirmed. It often includes multiple sessions of chemotherapy and periodic assessment of the treatment response during the visits to daycare. The first cycle of chemotherapy may require hospitalization for more than a day as some medications need to be administered slowly with adequate precautions and monitoring, whereas the subsequent cycles can be safely given in the daycare at a predetermined date and the patient can return home the same day within 24 hours of their hospital visit. 

On arrival at the daycare, the patient is seen by the doctor and nurses. Any concerns will be addressed, followed by a brief clinical assessment. Following this, the blood tests will be sent, and these reports might take about two to three hours during which the patient will have to wait in the daycare. During each visit, care is taken to check the medication dose and regimen, which will be cross verified by the doctor, clinical pharmacist, and nurse practitioner. The medications are then procured from the pharmacy. 

The patient may receive some fluids and medications before initiation of chemotherapy, and this is to keep the patient comfortable through the treatment. Chemotherapy medications are usually administered over a few hours in the form of continuous infusion. While these medications are on flow the patient need not be continually lying down, they can be seated in a chair, read books, and even use their phones. Once complete, the details of the therapy, medications to be taken at home as well as the date of the next visit will be printed out for the patient. The appointment can be confirmed 24 hours prior to every visit.  

Cancer reassessment during the daycare visits:

While on therapy, periodic reassessment is essential in cancer care, the doctor may advise for a repeat scan or tissue sampling, which can often be done as a daycare procedure. These tests are usually planned well in advance during the previous visit so that the patient and their family can come well prepared and are comfortable during this process. Further, the test reports and treatment options will be discussed at length with the patient and their family.

In conclusion, the team of Oncology will ensure a smooth process with detailed communication throughout the process.

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