A Cancer Warrior

  • Treatment type: Radiation therapy for Right Breast carcinoma:
  • Doctors: Dr. Kumaraswamy/ Dr. Vikram Maiya
  • Impression about the treatment: Very Good.
  • General Administration/ Arrangement: Very Good.
  • Cleanliness: Very Good.
  • Approachability of the doctors:  Very Good

A Cancer Fighter

Doctors is good, provides good advice. Patient care is satisfactory. Timings are properly maintained. Overall satisfied with the treatment.

A Cancer Fighter

My wife Mrs. Shubhra Nandi is suffering from breast cancer so first consultation was done on 30 November 2020 under Dr. Girish and here after chemotherapy started on 8 December 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Aditya Murali. Here behavior of all doctors and nurses are extremely good Dr. Tasmiya and Dr. Padmini are taking care so much. Sister Nurja other sister's behavior are commendable in the treatment there was no side-effect much. The billing is so prompt. Some attention is required for the early disposal from insurance. As such this hospital is very good. At last, I congratulate to all Doctors and sisters for their commendable service for the society.

A Cancer Thriver

Positive experience one:

  1. Doctor is very approachable. He is always available to answer our queries. 
  2. Cleanliness and hygiene is well maintained.
  3. There is good food. 
  4. Good support by sisters. 


  1. Please see if there is a way to reduce the waiting time for insurance approval.
  2. Can there be some discount for patients with long-term treatment plan.

A Cancer Fighter

I am undergoing chemotherapy (Breast Cancer). Dr Girish and Dr Vijay Agarwal have diagnosed and started treatment by Explaining me on steps and medicines for treatment, also Dr Amelia also help me to overcome pain and anxiety, Dr Padmini has taken care and answered our query. Staff are friendly and helpful every time.

A Cancer Warrior

Feedback on treatment at Daycare Oncology:

My dad is being treated well at Aster by Oncology department.

Dr. Aditya Murali has explained and advised for the treatment.

Dr. Aditya and his team including Dr. Padmini is taking care personally. Also appreciate the medical staff for the services given during the treatment.

Not to miss the coordinator Mr. Deepak who has helped in need.

Overall happy with the going. Good wishes to all the entire team.

A Cancer Warrior

My experience at this department has been very good. The timelines maintained by the staff beginning with the vital checks done by the Nurse has been consistent and followed regularly, the radiation therapy place is maintained clean and one feels confident that there is sanity maintained by the staff. They are courteous, sensitive to our needs. The best part of this is we get to see Dr Vikram Maiya regularly to clarify our doubts or any other prescription that may be required. His patience and empathy to the patience is very highly appreciated, excellent team work, Thank You.

A Cancer Warrior

I am struggling back and leg pain from last 6 months. I have taken 4 months treatment from Ortho doctor after that I have done with MRI. Then in result nothing. After treatment in ESI hospitals the all doctors decided Ortho Spondylisis treatment also done but pain was continued. After that Mrs. Bhuavna she is working here she told come to Aster Hospital. I came at 2pm in that time I unable to stand also with one hour I met with all doctors. They treated very well same day admission within 4 days my all pain was gone because Dr, Raghvendra sir and Dr. Amelia madam and his team they were treated so friendly. Now main thing is Dr. Aditya Murali sir second or third day I knew about that Leukemia. Dr. Aditya sir came and explained all about leukemia that it was friendly very relax after that only my confidence level was good. Because of Aditya sir only I am finalized for further treatment for Aster hospital only and his team was very good and all are very co-operative in all time very comfortable with team because of this team my 37 days treatment was very good and mainly all sisters I will not mention name all are very good in all time cool and calm only. If I call anytime they will come with smiley faces all credit goes to BMT unit sisters.

In my side no suggestion for all They treated very well. Finally, I am fully satisfied with Aster CMI Hospital. I will inform (or suggest) my friends, colleagues, and all relation for any treatment for this hospital only.