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Why choose us?

Cancer Hospital In Bangalore

Our promise to you:

We promise to treat you well with compassion, dignity and respect.

We promise to treat you as a person and not just your disease.

We promise to deliver personalised cancer care tailored to your requirements.

Experience and expertise:

With over 75 years of collective-experience, we are one of the most experienced oncology teams in Bangalore, India.

With an internationally trained faculty and access to the latest in knowledge, skill and technology, we are specialist in our respective fields. We believe in practising patient-centric evidence-based medicine using the most advanced diagnostic modalities and the latest and most effective treatment options.


We have state of the art oncology facilities for delivery of all cancer treatments, all under one roof.

We are backed by the latest in technology in terms of the most advanced radiation machine, PET CT scan and molecular diagnostics.

We have a very well-designed modern oncology day care unit and Bone marrow transplant (BMT) unit for delivery of all cancer therapies.

We are also backed by onsite world-class Intensive care units and 24 hours of emergency care with ICU on wheels ambulance service if required.

All the care provided is seamless across all modalities as we are supported by a large team of doctors, pharmacists, physicists, nurses, technologists, managers and coordinators to take care of you.