Cancer Screening

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 Cancer Screening

Cancer screening means doing specific tests to check for cancer before they start to cause any symptoms. It is used to identify cancers at an early stage when most of them are curable. Occasionally screening can discover pre-cancerous lesions and appropriate actions can be taken before they become cancers. Not all cancers can be screened as not all cancers have effective screening methods. Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Colon cancer and Lung cancers are commonly screened for early diagnosis.

Breast cancer screening:

A mammogram (X-Ray) of the breast is one of the most effective ways of screening for breast cancer. It is generally recommended having regular mammograms from the age of 40 years onwards.

Cervical cancer screening:

Pap smear testing: Pap smear test is done by collecting a few cells from the cervix and evaluating them under the microscope to look for pre-cancerous cells. This test enables the doctors to identify cancer at a precancerous stage and take appropriate action.

Human Papillomavirus testing: The cells collected during Pap smear can also be tested for Human Papilloma Virus. Certain strains of the Human Papilloma Virus can be associated with cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer screening should start at the age of 21 and done at regular intervals as advised by your doctor deepening upon the previous results.

Colon cancer screening:

Colonoscopy: Colonoscopy is done by inserting a flexible tube called a colonoscopy through the rectum into the colon and identifying any pre-cancerous polyps or growth and removing them before they become cancer. This procedure reduces the risk of developing cancer. Colonoscopy can also find cancer growth in the early stages, and appropriate treatment can be provided. Colonoscopy screening should begin at the age of 50 years and done regularly.

Lung cancer screening:

A low dose CT scan can be done to screen for lung cancers in people with a history of heavy smoking and ex-smokers from the age of 55 years.

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